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Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Writer

(1987*) Hauxita was born and raised in Germany by parents of Central and Northern Asian descent. She has been based in Perú and Spain since 2013.  

Expressing herself as an artist, curator and filmmaker, Hauxita considers herself a student of Mother Earth. She advocates for the protection of the Amazon Rainforest.


Hauxita currently works on her first documentary film about the Amazonian tree Shiwahuaco.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies and History of Art (Freie University Berlin). Hauxita also studied Cultural Anthropology (Humboldt University Berlin) and Curatorial Procedures (Node Center Berlin). She has been a professional to the contemporary art and gallery scene, documentary/cinema film production, music industry as well as academic research in Berlin, Germany. Since 2021 she is a graduate student of Visual and Media Anthropology (HMKW Berlin).


In 2013 Hauxita first travelled to the Amazon Rainforest of Perú for personal reasons of healing, where she initiated a long-term relationship with Percy Garcia Lozano, healer (curandero) from the Cocama People. Under his guidance, she has been studying the tradition of dieting plants as well as trees in the isolation of the jungle. Since 2017 Hauxita has been visiting indigenous communities of the Brazilian Amazon, living with them and learning about their way of life. Along the way, she has been consulting a variety of healers and healing approaches from different indigenous communities rooted in Amazonian knowledge.


She is a multilingual traveler and a practitioner of Muay Thai.



Editor, Co-Producer

(*1983) Alexander is a passionate adventure guide and videographer, currently based in Perú.

With his move from capital Lima to the highlands of Huaraz the trajectory of his life changed early on: Alexander encountered his passion for the mountains. He is based in Perú.

Since 2016 Alexander is a professional in the fields of filmmaking and photography, such as working as camera assistant in fashion photography to Alexander Neumann, Javier Falcon and Bjorn Free; as well as drone pilot for Simon Reeve (BBC). He has been employed in productions for ABC (Disney) and Airbnb Germany. Alexander also has a going engagement for professional climber duo Hermanos Pou (part of team Northface, La Sportiva and Petzl).


His specialty is filming in nature, and he cherishes this important connection.

He has been a climber since 1999 and loves art.

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