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Mission Statement

The director about her mission behind SHIWAHUACO


The Amazon is such a beautiful, mysterious, powerful, symbiotic and wise entity. She is speaking to us through ancient stories and indigenous knowledge, referring to the traditional practices of humankind, in the changing face of planetary evolution. 

It fascinates me, how Mother Earth provides for us, not just through being a highly intelligent, natural pharmacy: But through her unconditional practice of giving.

And what is she receiving from us? 

Screen Shot 2023-07-23 at 08.31.02.png

Throughout the years have I become aware of the importance of stepping into Earth Stewardship. The Amazon Basin is affected violently by global forces and strategies of greedy consumerism, destruction and exploitation.


Highlighting the Nexus between individual and planetary health is the root of my calling. It is time to learn, participate and share in a sustainable way about preserving and protecting what is threatened. 

Which (post-)colonial and capitalistic mechanisms are at play in the Amazon? How and what can we develop to enliven a positive contribution to change the current trajectory?” 

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